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The Fool-Proof Way to Quickly make

Crispy Delicious Bacon in Your Microwave!


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Perfectly-Done Bacon

– Cooked In the Microwave!

Individual heat chambers ensure crispiness and sealing in heat and flavor.

Easy Clean-Up

Food-grade silicone dishwasher safe. No more scrubbing pans or spilling grease!


Works perfectly in a microwave - no need for stoves or ovens.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We even refund the return shipping!

Cooks Evenly

Non-Toxic Material

Dishwasher Safe

Preserves Flavor

Reduced Fat

Food Grade Silicone

Easy and Convenient Bacon

Load It

Strap it

Sizzle it


Never Burn Bacon Again!

Focus on your pancakes and eggs without without fear of your bacon burning!

Great Tasting Crispy Bacon - Fast!

With the Bad Boy Bacon Maker, you’re never too busy for bacon

Perfectly Cooked Bacon

Juicy, crispy, and evenly-cooked

Easy Cleanup

 Throw your Bacon Maker right in the dishwasher.

No Ovens Necessary
No ovens or stovetops needed! Cooks beautifully right in your microwave.

Simplified Cooking

Makes a perfect gift for new families, singles, and college students

Never Get Splattered
with Hot Grease Again!

Bacon is delicious, but man does does that grease splatter hurt!

Hear it From The 

Bad Boy Bacon Fan Club

This is the way to make consistently great bacon!
This is the way to make consistently great bacon!! It's simple to use, to clean, and to store. I highly recommend the tray option when you order it, so you can fry your eggs, French toast, or anything else!I bought the single package, but now I need another one. Heck, I have a few people that are going to receive one for Christmas.

Bill Van, August 2022  |  Verified Buyer

Clean up is a breeze, just put it in the dishwasher

Best way to cook bacon! I like bacon very crispy and in the microwave and this device you can regulate the cooking time to the get your bacon perfect and just way you like it. Clean up is a breeze, just put it in the dishwasher and you are good to go. I have used a few microwave bacon cooking racks but this one is the best!

Dolly Punch, July 2022  |  Verified Buyer

I love this thing

I love this bacon cooker! the bacon come out crisp & perfect. The grease drains off it is super easy to clean by hand or toss it in the dishwasher. 

Love it, love it, love!

Zina, August 2022 |  Verified Buyer

My usual cooking time for bacon is 30 minutes in the oven. With the Bad Boy Bacon Cooker it was a fraction of that time. 

Instructions were well written and easy to follow. We loaded it with 4 slices of thick bacon and cooked it the prescribed amount of time, choosing the high end of the time limit. Being thick bacon I added another minute and the bacon came out crispy as we like it. Cleaning the Bad Boy Bacon Cooker was really easy. While you can put it in the dishwasher I chose to hand wash it using a bottle brush with liquid soap and left it on the drying mat to dry. Overall very pleased with the Cooker. 

Paul Z., April 2022  |  Verified Buyer

I have never had bacon flat and crisp like this.
This is my third time at cooking Bad Boy Bacon and every time it just gets better. It is simple to use and the quick start guide got me there easily. This was 5 pieces of bacon but one piece did not make the photo as it was eaten right away. I have never had bacon flat and crisp like this. The process is simple. Open the accordion like device and file the bacon in the proper slots, fold it back up and put the bands around it. In the famous words of Ron Popiel. "Set it and forget it" Then come back 5 minutes later for perfect bacon. OMG the bacon was incredible as the pictures will attest. This could be the next greatest thing. Look at Air Fryer Bad Boy Bacon is coming for you. I can't wait for Breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I will share a video. Simple, effective and I love the tray and the easy cleanup.

Sash, October 2021  |  Verified Buyer

I love using this when I only need a few slices for a BLT for myself

I love using this when I only need a few slices for a blt for myself and I don't want to warm up a skillet or the oven. I just put it on a plate so it doesn't make a mess in the oven and collect the grease to use for cooking other things. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. It can make it super crispy the way I love it or just a little the way my husband likes it depending on how much time it's left in the microwave. Highly recommended.

Amber, May 2022  |  Verified Buyer

Recommend for anyone that is always on the go and likes easy clean up

I have tried a few in the past. Have not found pone that actually does what it says. This one does exactly what it says. 4 Minutes is enough if you like it a little chewy. 5 minutes is nice crisp bacon. super easy yo clean being dishwasher safe. Just as easy to hand clean with the dishes just in case you don't have a dishwasher. I would recommend for anyone that is always on the go and likes easy clean up after making bacon.

Ice-Child, April 2022  |  Verified Buyer

Bought for my son in college

My son LOVES bacon, and this was the most perfect thing for him to use while he's in the dorms and craving bacon. Since it requires only a microwave, he's able to have bacon without the mess or fuss of using the community kitchen.  This is going to be my go-to graduation and Christmas gift for the younger kids in my family!

Nichole B, September 2022  |  Verified Buyer


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